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Common Genetic Variants and Other Host-related Factors Greatly Increase Susceptibility to Vitamin A Deficiency

Women are at risk of vitamin A deficiency. In his presentation at the 2nd Hohenheim Nutrition Conference in Stuttgart, Germany, November 2009, Dr. Georg Lietz of England’s Newcastle University, the senior investigator in research published April 2009 in the FASEB Journal (and summarized in our June 2009 LMR review, “Vitamin A – Tolerance Extends Longevity”), […]

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Vitamin A Regulation

Vitamin A – Tolerance Extends Longevity

Abstract Vitamin A is a family of essential fat-soluble dietary compounds, three of which—retinol, retinal and retinoic acid—play significant roles in the human body, with each compound performing functions the others cannot. Retinol is the major transport and storage form of vitamin A; retinal is essential for vision, and retinoic acid acts like a hormone, […]

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