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Vitamin K2: Optimal Levels Essential for the Prevention of Age-Associated Chronic Disease

Abstract Sufficiency of vitamin K, as K2 specifically, is gaining recognition as a requirement for long term health in many more areas of human physiology than previously realized. The breaking research is revealing a number of roles for vitamin K reaching well beyond coagulation to not only long term cardiovascular and skeletal health, but that […]

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Lara Pizzorno

Beyond α-Tocopherol: A Review of Natural Vitamin E’s Therapeutic Potential in Human Health and Disease: Part I

Abstract A widely reported meta-analysis, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in 2005, found that, while doses of vitamin E < 200 IU had no negative effects, high-dose vitamin E, defined as ≥ 400 IU per day, resulted in a small but significant (4%) increase in all-cause mortality. Despite the uncritical press coverage given […]

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Advanced Glycated End-products (AGEs)

Abstract Advanced glycated end-products (AGEs) form as a result of a non-enzymatic reaction in which glucose forms adducts with proteins, lipids and nucleic acids. AGEs accumulate naturally as a result of chronological aging, but this process is greatly accelerated under conditions of hyperglycemia and oxidative stress. AGEs directly induce cross-linking of long-lived proteins, such as […]

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